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    • John's Pawnshop Manager 13 reviews


    We know that technology has changed the way the world does business. And now, the technology revolution has come to the pawnshop industry. Our website is dedicated to promoting local and online pawnshops to potential customers. The new Application allows customers wanting to pawn, to upload items into our user friendly Website and App and to select a pawnshop of their choice to do business with.

    Our Application is connecting pawnbrokers with people looking to pawn their merchandise while at the same time providing customers with a safe, secure, fast, and convenient way to pawn so that the customer can secure what it’s important to them such as paying the rent or any other concerns.



    Pawned Item history and Reviews (13)

    • BMW 2012
      Thank you for the cash.
      • April 28, 2016
      • Bid Budget : $500.00
    • car
      Again, thank you for always providing me with the cash I need. I will back soon to pick up my car.
      • April 26, 2016
      • Bid Budget : $200.00
    • Vacuum
      I always end up using the same great pawnshops. Excellent services and provide more money for the items. Thank you
      • April 22, 2016
      • Bid Budget : $195.00
    • Cellphone Blackberry
      Great customer service. I've coming here for a what I have to say that they are the best people out there. thank you, john!
      • April 14, 2016
      • Bid Budget : $45.00
    • Motorcycle
      Wow! I love this service/ Its fast and convenience.
      • April 6, 2016
      • Bid Budget : $950.00
    • Arrow for Hunting
      John provided with the money I needed and the process was smooth and straight forward. I did not know how the pawnshop process work but now I can see how easy it is. Thank you and I will see you on the payment date.
      • March 3, 2016
      • Bid Budget : $125.00
    • Jewelry
      Great Deal. Thank you.
      • February 26, 2016
      • Bid Budget : $200.00
    • Pool filter and pump
      Again and again this place provides excellent service.
      • February 29, 2016
      • Bid Budget : $375.00
    • E-350 Mercedes Benz
      Excellent pawnshop. Gave me what I needed at a great rate. Thank you!
      • February 22, 2016
      • Bid Budget : $3,000.00
    • E-350 Mer-bez
      Great service!
      • February 22, 2016
      • Bid Budget : $3,450.00

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    • Phone: 305.814.3990
    • Website:
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    • Rating:
    • Pawn Items worked: 13
    • Cash given $12,710.00
    • Address: 3020 NE 41st Terrace, Homestead, FL, United States